Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. is renowned for manufacturing authentic metal products and offering top notch services.

Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. is committed to give the best services that meet their customers’ needs at all times. They deliver any and all products ordered by their customers, to their doorstep. Besides, customers who want their ordered products really fast can pick up their materials at their warehouse located right off the BQE 335 Irving Avenue Brooklyn NY 11237

Tin ceiling installation upon request

(within 150 mile radius of zip code 11237)

Tin ceilings are an exceptional art that needs to be handled professionally for the best decorative experience. Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. offers installation services for their customers upon request.

HVAC system design and CAD layout

Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. plays a big role in the growth of businesses by offering their highly qualified HVAC design draftsmen to assist businesses with their projects. Moreover, they offer customers a full set of plans, unit recommendations and fabrication assistance.

Sheet metal, coil, HVAC accessories, and architectural metal products

Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. has all the stock you need. There have fully stocked their warehouses, hence businesses’ job sites can operate efficiently.

Flat oval spiral duct and round spiral duct

In the last six years, Standard Tinsmith has invested a lot in ensuring the flat oval spiral and round spiral products are of outstanding quality. Their double beaded design is now stronger, nice looking and easy to install. They offer customers the choice of either coupling connections or their very own designed flange connections. On the flat oval and round spiral duct, they have customized each and every flange connection for easy installation. Besides, they have availed a product brochure and spec sheet for customers to get all the necessary information they need such as architect drawings, engineer approval and proper air balancing.

Standard Tinsmith is always there for its customers. They are more than willing to help every person and business succeed.