Why choose

Flat oval spiral duct and round spiral duct?

Why Choose Spiral?

As the market continues to grow for Spiral Pipe, you may be asking yourself..’Why chose spiral pipe over traditional rectangular ductwork?

There are infinite reasons to chose spiral, here are a few spiral pipe advantages:

  • Visualy Appealing
  • Efficient and Effective
  • Cost Effective
  • Speedy Installation
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Purchase Flat Oval and Round Spiral Duct at Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp.

It is announced that Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. is now offering flat oval spiral and round spiral duct. Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. now joins three other manufacturers to only offer this unique equipment in New York. Read More...

our mission

Our mission at Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. is to be your most reliable source for all your metal products. Our commitment is to ensure your success as our customer, and we do so by having knowledge in all areas of our trade and business. Our team will now offer you, spiral duct and flat oval work too. Our retro industrial duct work is equally energy proficient, and we are making it less costly to you on monthly utilities, as well as very pleasing to your eye.

Our stock comprises diverse coils and gauges of sheets of several particular types of metals. Moreover, we offer you installation materials and a complete stocking line of HVAC merchandise. Our team is fully trained and ready to assist you anytime with any concern or question you may have. We will make your job easier by helping you when you need your next HVAC fabricated, designed, or measured.

We have over 100 years of manufacturing Authentic Decorative Metal Ceilings and Walls. We use sand casted steel dies that are original, and our massive Bliss Power Press ensures that you have a uniform, clean, and clear stamp each time.

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At the helm of a legendary sheet metal shop in Brooklyn, New York

Joel Fishkind prepares his sheet metal family business for a fourth act.

Few sheet metal shops can say they’ve been around for more than a century. In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, the secret to Standard Tinsmith and Roofer Supply’s 105-year-old longevity is family.     

In 1914, Luis Goldberg opened Tinsmith in lower East Side Manhattan with a plan to sell quality sheet metal products to the city’s rapidly developing five boroughs. With business booming, Goldberg soon groomed his son-in-law, Sam Fishkind, to run the sheet metal shop in order to keep the company’s operations all in the family.

When Sam’s business partner eventually retired in the 1960s, his son and current Tinsmith president, Joel Fishkind, purchased a partnering stake into the company. Fifty years later, Joel is now readying his son Scott to take the reins of the family business and pave his own way forward.


Growing a sheet metal business

When it comes to the family business, Fishkind shares an uncomplicated approach that has sustained the company for many years.

“The good thing about selling steel is if you have a recession, which we had years ago, and you’re financed enough to get through it, which we are, nothing happens to the steel,” he says. “If you’re selling vegetables or fruit, stuff like that, and you don’t sell that in two or three days, you could be out of business. So as long as you have the finances to go through that year of bad recession, your steel is still sitting here good as new.”

In addition to Tinsmith’s wholesale of galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel products, the sheet metal shop recently added manufacturing spiral duct and flat oval duct to its operations under Scott’s leadership.

“When we started the spiral business, we were concerned about how we would get our distributorship out,” Fishkind says. “But it ended up that the steel we sell mostly goes to the HVAC industry. So we had built in customers.” Also, a more than established reputation that has enabled them to build a loyal customer base across the country.

“A lot of companies look at it as just ductwork,” says Scott. “To us it’s more than that,” like father, like son.


OUR product line

Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. has been manufacturing Authentic Decorative Metal Walls & Ceilings for over 100 years. Using original sand casted steel dies, our massive Bliss Power Press insures a clean clear and uniform stamp every time. Over 40 patterns & 18 cornices designs to choose from. Finishes available are Steel, Brass, Copper, Chrome, White and Stainless Steel.