Excellence in Sheet Metal Supply and Services

At Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp., we pride ourselves on offering superior, durable, and effective products in the sheet metal supply and tin ceiling panel industry. We possess a wealth of experience and expertise to ensure quality products. These products include tin ceiling panels, adhesives, tapes, HVAC hardware, sheet metal and coils, HVAC insulation, flex pipes, and flat oval and spiral ducts. Our customers also benefit from services such as deliveries, design assistance, installation, specifications, and readily available stock.

Binding Expectations and Quality

The adhesives we provide are geared to meet our customers’ tacking expectations. Users of these HVAC adhesives appreciate the effectiveness of binding duct liners and sheet metal ducts through the use of our adhesives.

These duct sealers and silicones are compatible with all sheet metal ducts and reduce air loss during the application process. These adhesives can be applied on metals and insulation surfaces. The adhesives are either water or solvent-based and are available in Instatack, Travel tack, and Coil-tack designs.

Diving Deep into Our Adhesive Varieties

Instatack is solvent-based and works instantaneously. Instatack’s design assures customers of outstanding performance and reduced expenses. Instatack application is ideal for spray booth applications.

Coil-tack adhesives are water-based, non-flammable, and come in a low-tack design. The low-viscosity nature of this adhesive reduces instances of clogging within the adhesive system, thus ensuring outstanding performance. Coil-tack is perfect for extruding line applications. Coil-tack reduces application costs through its outstanding performance and easy clean-up.

Travel tack is a portable, independent, and instantaneous adhesive geared toward delivering low-pressure applications. The design, affordability, and easy clean-up of this adhesive make it excellent for outdoor use.

Why Choose Our Adhesives?

Customers seeking convenient, flexible, durable, and expertly-made adhesives should reach out to our team at Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. Our adhesives are guaranteed to leave you a satisfied customer. Contact us today to get a quote on quality adhesives that are made to last.



 Travel Tack


Travel-Tack is a self-contained, instant-tacking portable spray system engineered to deliver a low-pressure web spray that eliminates adhesive vaporization and over-spray. Travel-Tack’s portability, limited equipment clean-up, and low equipment cost make this adhesive ideal for shop or field use.



Insta-Tack is an instant-tack, solvent-based insulation adhesive engineered for spray booth applications. Insta-Tack’s exceptional coverage and fast tack provides reduced labor and lower application cost.




Coil-Tack is a low-tack, nonflammable, water-based insulation adhesive engineered for spray or extruding coil line applications. The low-viscosity, low-suspended solid eliminates clogging within the adhesive delivery system, ensuring consistent operation. Coil-Tack’s exceptional coverage and easy cleanup means lower application cost. •UL 723 Listed •Passed ASTM C916, LEED compliant SCAQMD Rule 1168 •City of Los Angeles Approval RR #8069




Flex-Grip 550 is an all-purpose, fiber-free duct sealant for use on all types of metal duct, glass fiber duct board, and flex duct, as well as duct fabric and flexible tubing runouts. Distinguished by its ability to accommodate minor vibration and movement, Flex-Grip 550 stays flexible to save call-back labor. Flex-Grip 550’s excellent coverage rates and easy brush-on application provide low installed cost. • UL 181 B-M Listed • Passes ASTM C-731, ASTM D-2202 • USDA, EPA and FDA Approved • LEED compliant • SCAQMD Rule 1168 • City of Los Angeles Approval RR #8069