Our mission at Standard Tinsmith & Roofer Supply Corp. is to be your most reliable source for all your metal products. Our commitment is to ensure your success as our customer, and we do so by having knowledge in all areas of our trade and business. Our team will now offer you, spiral duct and flat oval work too. Our retro industrial duct work is equally energy proficient, and we are making it less costly to you on monthly utilities, as well as very pleasing to your eye.

Our stock comprises diverse coils and gauges of sheets of several particular types of metals. Moreover, we offer you installation materials and a complete line of HVAC merchandise. Our team is fully trained and ready to assist you anytime with any concern or question you may have. We will make your job easier by helping you when you need your next HVAC fabricated, designed, or measured.

We have over 100 years of manufacturing Authentic Decorative Metal Ceilings and Walls. We use sand casted steel dies that are original, and our massive Bliss Power Press ensures that you have a uniform, clean, and clear stamp each time. Our mission is to provide you with over 18 cornices design and 40 patterns to choose from. The finishes that are available for you are Stainless Steel, Chrome, Copper, White, Brass, and Steel.

Our staff have established a reputation for the diversity of our products as well as day to day processes and efficiency of our deliveries. Our commitment is to the satisfaction of the goal of our customers. Consequently, we develop a pipeline that continues to bring success that supersedes our competitors, and bringing new products to you. At Standard Tinsmith team, we are holding to our close DNA and still manufacturing original tin ceiling, which are our oldest treasures.

Our mission and each of our everyday goal is to offer you the fairest prices, the best services, and merchandises of the highest quality.

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