Ribbons-n-Bows Tin Ceiling 606


Product Description:

Add Elegance With a Ribbons-N-Bows Tin Ceiling

You may be looking at tin ceilings because of the decorative possibilities for restoration, remodeling or a new interior design.
Certainly they add elegance to a room.

But there are more reasons to choose them. Because they are durable and beautiful they add value to a property.

Tin ceilings also are moisture-resistant, less likely to crack, require minimal maintenance, fire-resistant, can hide imperfections, be in any color, and are easy to install.

Why a Ribbons-N-Bows Tin Ceiling?

When you study the array of tin ceiling patterns available, this design stands out because of its simple pattern. It would easily complement many design features in a room, adding rather than distracting.

Whether you are working commercially or a do-it-yourself-er the size of this ribbon-n-bows tin ceiling allows for a one person installation.

You can choose lay-in for drop ceilings or nail-up in two sizes. The following finishes are available: tin, lacquer/clear coat, powder coated white, and copper/chrome/brass.

Elegant, simple-use is only limited by your imagination.

Available In:

  • LAY-IN (23-7/8″ X 23-7/8″)
  • NAIL-UP 2′ X 2′
  • NAIL-UP 2′ X 4′
  • Sized For One Person Install


  • Tin
  • Lacquer/ Clear Coat
  • Powder Coated White
  • Copper/Chrome/Brass